To Volunteer  

The mission of the Albion Fire Department is to serve the residents of the town of Albion and adjacent areas by providing emergency fire, rescue, medical, hazardous material, fire prevention, and any operation needed to support the safety, welfare, and well being of the community. The Albion Fire Department is best demonstrated in their motto, "Making a Difference" in the lives of those they serve and protect.

Reasons why people VOLUNTEER at the Albion Fire Department

  • To help people in their worst time of need.
  • The great feeling you get when helping people.
  • The excitement and rush associated with red lights, sirens, and emergency incidents.
  • The social bonding of VOLUNTEERS that depend on each other during dangerous and life threatening situations.
  • Great training and real life educational experiences.
  • The feeling of belonging to a group of VOLUNTEERS, “Making a Difference” in their community.
  • The physical challenges of firefighting.
  • Continuing education assistance.

Click on the Albion Fire Department brochure links below for more VOLUNTEER information and “Frequently Asked Questions”.

To VOLUNTEER, download and complete the Albion Fire Department application and mail or bring it to the Albion Fire Department, 210 Fire Station Drive, Albion, Indiana 46701. If you have any questions, call us at 260-636-7712.